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We care about palm trees and the environment

The palms, these beautiful and legendary plants, have been battered for years with the use of spurs that only generated irrecoverable damage in their stipe, facilitating the entry of bacteria. Given this scenario, there were only two possibilities: in case of surviving, but without the necessary attention, the proliferation of pests and rodents took place, causing a great problem at regional levels; In the worst case scenario, the infected palms died. With our EcoPalmĀ® system, this does not happen.

We train, research and work to care for the species. We are specialists in palm trees and we know that the way to protect these centenary plants is to perform the correct maintenance, which must be done periodically and fundamentally doing a spurless ascent. To do that we use the European bicycle climbing system.

This system does not harm the specimens or the environment, because they do not use engines or emit gases.