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ECOPALM. The most professional solution for the highest proficiency

EcoPalm is a company dedicated to palm trees care and pruning at high altitudes, with a long track record in the market, which has been providing specialized services to companies and institutions for years.

Our technical team has the best professionals in the field. We have an expert team in pruning and felling of maximum difficulty with climbing technique, which allows us to offer the highest quality and safety.

The combination of professionals, the quality of the products used and the service we provide in each work, make our customers get preferential treatment and top quality.


The safety of our employees and the peace of mind of those who hire us to perform this type of high-risk work is a priority for us. We take all the measures that are necessary to carry out the work in the best conditions with a very high safety standard.

We equip our staff with equipment and professional pruning clothing. We work only with the appropriate and trained personnel, both for climbing and for ground assistance.

We have all insurance in case of any contingency.